Freelance Commission & Character Artist

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022

Heading to my first ever Furry Weekend Atlanta!
Very excited to see the beautiful city of Atlanta and experience a new convention!

I plan on taking a lighter workload to take better care of myself over the weekend (ie get more sleep lol) so please plan accordingly!
I will also be attending BLFC shortly after and then AC after that, gonna be a busy summer!

Further Confusion 2022

Digital Badges

Digital full color badges, two sizes available.
Full body options available as well.
Small bust badgeMedium hips-up badge

Digital Sketches

Digital full body sketches done in a monochrome color scheme
Flat color options available



My Patreon where I offer monthly pin-ups that patrons can vote on, high resolution files, sketches, early access to commissions, sometimes exclusive art posted nowhere else, telegram stickers, PSD's, and more!

Digital & Traditional Badges

Traditional & Digital Badges - Prices Vary
Small Badges - $90 (at con price) characters shown from the shoulders or bust up
Medium Badges - $150 (at con price) character from the hips or mid-thigh up
Can be done digitally or traditionally on requestCan choose to have a specific emotion, etc. displayedTail present in the medium size badgeOnly small chibi or mini wings are available in the small sizeIncludes character name (or no name if desired)May be subject to additional fees depending on the complexity or additional props/ideasOptions for printing and mailing digital badges are available!

Digital Monochrome Sketches

Full Body Monochrome Sketches - $80+

This commission is a refined sketch usually done in a monochrome color schemeFlat color option available for an extra $30Generally shows 90-100% of the character's body (depending on pose)May be subject to additional fees depending on the complexityMore examples available on my website (click the image)

Full Color Commissions

Full Body Color Commissions - $225+

Shading/coloringIncludes very basic background elements (i.e. gradients, shadows, designs, shapes, a few props, etc.)You can get add-ons such as close-ups, alt versions, etc for an additional feeMay be subject to additional fees depending on the complexity of character/idea